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Solar Power Bank with Super Fast Charging & 4 USB Ports

Solar Power Bank with Super Fast Charging & 4 USB Ports

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Battery Capacity

Unleash Limitless Power On-The-Go!

Experience true freedom with our state-of-the-art 100000mAh Magnetic Wireless Solar Power Bank. Unparalleled in capacity and versatility, this powerhouse ensures that your devices stay juiced up, whether you're on a camping trip, long-haul flight, or simply enduring a long day away from an outlet. Meticulously crafted from premium metal, its sleek design isn't just about looks; it promises durability and top-notch performance.

Essential Features:

  • Massive 100000mAh Capacity
  • Wireless Magnetic Charging
  • Super Fast Charge Support
  • Four USB Ports for Multi-device Charging
  • Two-Way Quick Charge Technology
  • Built-in Solar Charging Panel
  • LED Digital Display and Flashlight
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPads, AirPods, and leading smartphone brands.

Experience the Difference:

What sets our power bank apart? Its phenomenal capacity ensures you can charge your devices multiple times without a hiccup. The added advantage of solar charging makes it an excellent companion for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Plus, the wireless magnetic charging feature means fewer cables and faster, more efficient charging.

When To Use?

Perfect for every situation! Whether you're:
  • Traveling or camping
  • Attending all-day events or conferences
  • Experiencing unexpected power outages can trust our power bank to keep you connected and powered up.  

Benefits Galore:

  • Stay Connected: With its enormous capacity, say goodbye to the 'Low Battery' warning.
  • Eco-Friendly: Harness the power of the sun with the built-in solar charging panel.
  • Convenience: Charge multiple devices simultaneously with four USB ports.
  • Go Wireless: Experience the future with magnetic wireless charging.
  • Always In The Know: LED digital display keeps you updated on the battery status.
  • More Than Just A Power Bank: A built-in flashlight ensures you're never left in the dark.

Get Yours Today!

Upgrade your charging experience and stay ahead of the curve. Empower your travels, workdays, and adventures with the best in class - 100000mAh Magnetic Wireless Solar Power Bank. Don't settle for less; experience the best. Order now!
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