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Infrared guitar

Infrared guitar

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Product introduction: A small electronic guitar, only part of the guitar. There are seven guitar chord (A-G) selection buttons in the head section. 
Four buttons for adjusting the minor, seventh chord, semitone, and semitone are set on the side.
The product emits an infrared ray at a position where the body should be, approximately thirty centimeters in length.
The user only needs to play the guitar to block the infrared, and the built-in speaker will make a sound.
It is also equipped with a tilt sensor that allows you to enjoy the effect of changing the sound by tilting the body.
The truth is very high.

Product size: 21cm
Product color: red, blue, black
Unique sounding principle, two playing modes
There are seven guitar chord (A-G) selection buttons in the head section, and four adjustment minors on the side.
Seven chords, semitones, and semitone buttons.
At the rear half of the handle, there is an infrared emitting receiver that emits an infrared ray at the position where the body should be.
The length is about 30 centimeters. With the button, you only need to play the guitar to cut off the infrared rays.
The built-in speaker emits a sound that is very high.
Connect to an external audio device and you can play a small personal concert.
You can also connect headphones, don't worry if you can't sleep in the middle of the night and you will be protesting.
Preset Song Play Mode: Play with the accompaniment of the preset ten classic guitar songs.
Free play mode: Through the button operation, you can play chords, the type is about 80% of the real guitar.
The windy guitar comes with an input and output function. It can also be connected to the output of loudspeakers, stereos and other equipment.
Through the input terminal, you can connect mp3, computer and other devices to play your favorite songs. Perform imitation playing.
Power: Electric (2 batteries, 7 batteries)
Product size: 200 (length) × 75 (width) mm

Product color: red, blue, black
Product weight: 600g

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