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TPMS Solar Powered Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor External Tire Monitoring System

TPMS Solar Powered Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor External Tire Monitoring System

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Product Description:

This Tire Pressure Monitoring System is powered through solar energy and can also charge through a USB connector. It has the characteristics of green, low carbon, and renewable energy advantages, enabling you to charge the device faster and greener. While you can use the USB Charging as a back-up when your TPMS runs out of solar energy.

The monitor displays the tire’s pressure data in real-time, visual and audible warning for abnormal pressure and temperature is shown in real-time and can be placed anywhere you want stably where you can easily read the data; very convenient and practical.

When the air pressure or temperature of any tire goes outside the predetermined range, both the monitor display and an audio alarm will warn you. It has a high/low tire pressure alarm, high-temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, sensor battery low power alarm, and air leakage condition alarm so that you can attend to it immediately to avoid possible accidents. You’re also warned when the battery of a tire sensor is low.

The TPMS set comes with 4 wireless external sensors, that is easy to install and receives a real-time signal. The pressure and temperature data can be switched (default 0- 3.5 Bar / 22- 87 Psi), with pressure unit: PSI/Bar and temperature unit: C/F selectable. The sensors are equipped with waterproof, anti-corrosion, and anti-theft technology, making it fully qualified for rainy days and other extreme conditions. It has high sensitivity, good accuracy for measuring pressure and temperature. Perfect for long drives and everyday travels.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Size: 15.0 cm * 15.0 cm * 5.0 cm

Weight: 250g

Functions: Solar Powered TPMS

Usage Time:

Charging Time:

Battery Information: Monitor Battery: 280mAh Li-On Battery

Sensor Battery: CR1632 Button Battery


Package Inclusion:

1 * TPMS

4 * External Sensor

4 * Mounting Nut

1 * Wrench

1 * English User Manual

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