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20-in-1 Digital Device Cleaner Laptop Computer Headphone

20-in-1 Digital Device Cleaner Laptop Computer Headphone

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If you have a multi-purpose cleaning kit for laptops, you can use it to clean almost all your electronic devices. It has multiple types of brushes to clean different devices, and it also has a storage box to keep all the pieces to prevent you from losing and misplacing them.

This kit is ideal for cleaning the screen and camera. It contains a screen cleaning cloth that can be used to remove dirt and fingerprints on the screen of your device. Simply spray a solution (not included) on and wipe it off and the stains will disappear.

The earphone cleaner has a tip pen, a small elbow brush, and a small brush with soft bristles that allow you to reach the hard-to-clean charging holes. This tool can easily remove even stubborn earwax and dirt from headphones and charging cases.

With the keycap buckle and the shaft puller of the keyboard cleaning kit, you can remove the keys for a more thorough cleaning and then effectively clean the gap of the keyboard with the dust removal air and the brush with soft bristles.

Product Specification:

Color: Black, Pink, White

Material: ABS

Size: 57 x 89 mm

Weight: 200g

Function: Device Cleaner


PLEASE NOTE: Some items ship from the US, but most of my suppliers are located outside the US so shipping times vary and generally take 7 to 14 days to arrive after tracking has been added.

Package Inclusion:

1 x Storage Box

1 x Large Cleaning Brush

1 x Screen Cleaning Cloth

1 x Dust Air Remover

1 x Air Blown Extension Short Rod

1 x Accessory Extension Rod

1 x Screen Cleaner

1 x Small Hard Bristle Brush

1 x Small Soft Bristle Brush

1 x Shaft Puller

1 x Card Pickup Pin

1 x Key Extractor

1 x Small Elbow Brush

1 x Headphone Compartment Cleaner

1 x Headphone Brush

1 x Pen Cleaning Tip

1 x Soft Bristle Short Brush

1 x Earphone Compartment Cleaning Brush 

1 x Camera Screen Brush

1 x Air Blown Extension Long Rod

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