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Indoor Vegetable Planter Home Office Hydroponic Smart

Indoor Vegetable Planter Home Office Hydroponic Smart

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Electrical outlet

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Product name: Planting machine
Power: 15W
LED color: 44*white,12*red&4*blue
Output: 100-240V AC,50/60Hz
Input: 12v DC 2.0A
Planting hole: 3 holes
Accessories: planting cotton, planting basket, germination cover each 3, 1 group A + B nutrient solution
Product type "indoor hydroponic system
LED light type: full-spectrum plant growth light
Product weight: about 1.25KG (multiple measurements are not the same)
Product size: 31X28x10CM
Color: black 3 holes, white 3 holes

Packing list:

Power cord x1
Planting cotton X3
Planting blue X3
Germination hood X3
Planter X1

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